Dracula (2021)

It was a bloody good show! Dracula came to Beechworth Memorial Hall four times over two weekends in May, with in between a frantic scramble when two cast members came down with COVID.


Lucy Westerman – Ainslie Hunter | Mina Westerman – Melanie Anderson | Jonathan Harker – David Kerr | Arthur Seward – Rhys Parton | Florrie Hathersage – Karla Florance (Wendy McDougal) | Renfield – Dylan Firth | Nurse Grice/Nisbett – Karin Michelini | Dr Goldman/Mrs Manners/Drinkwater – Bron Martin | Van Helsing – Ian Sinclair (Elroy Bos). Directed by Elroy Bos.

Trial & Error (2020)

This classic British farce of the 1950’s follows the trials and tribulations of newly married Andrea and Claud in the first few days of their honeymoon in a sunny beachside holiday home run with military efficiency by Mrs O’Connor the housekeeper. Even within hours of their arrival (and, importantly, BEFORE their impending wedding night), poor, long suffering Claud finds that things are not quite what they seem with his beautiful but mysterious bride!

Both Claud and the audience quickly realise that the widowed Andrea may have some rather dastardly secrets along with her equally dastardly first husband Dudley! The first act ends in riotous chaos as both Claud and Dudley are dispatched from the house (much to the consternation and shock of Mrs O’Connor) and as we move through Act 2 and 3, we are introduced to a range of quirky characters, including Aunt Gertrude, the wannabe reporter Miss Briggs and her photographer offsider Ron. Will Andrea and Claud ever get their wedding night? Will Dudley get what’s coming to him? Will Miss Briggs get her scoop and a job at The Sun? Will Ron get his photo opportunity and will Mrs O’Connor ever get her house back in order?

Performed May 2020, starring Karin Michellini, Dylan Firth, Elroy Bos, Sharon Kurrle, Susan Roosenboom, Karla Florence, and Tim Whitehead. Directed by Janet Tweedie.

The one day of the year (2014)

Beechworth Variety Show (2013)

The Wind in the Willows (2010)

Life After George by Hannie Rayson (2006)

Death by Fatal Murder

Fool’s Gold

Murdered to Death

Canteen (2017)